Thursday, June 11, 2015

When is America going to wake up?

Contributor article by Dan Wilson

Not since World War two has the United States of America truly fought a war. Since the creation of the United Nations, the United States has been more concerned with upsetting other members of the UN than winning the wars we were asked to engage in. In Korea we lost 45,000 troops and the result was a tie that we are still technically at war with North Korea. In Vietnam we left with our tails between our legs and as soon as we left. South Korea who we were sent to protect, had two million people slaughtered by North Vietnamese troops. Why should we send our troops into harm’s way when we never planned on winning the war in the first place?

In Korea though China threatened to start a third world war, China nor the USSR were in any position to do so.  Both Nations were still recovering from WW II where both countries had lost tens of millions of civilians and troops. Though they did have nuclear weapons at the time. Both knew that if they attacked the US with these weapons the US would retaliate in the same manor. Assuring the destruction of all nations involved. Therefore it would have been highly unlikely for China and the USSR to challenge a nation they knew had manufacturing capabilities that were second to none, making it all but impossible to win a war against the United States.

Next due to the UN and a President bent on finding a way to enter into the war with Vietnam, in an attempt to drive back the spread of communism. The UN along with President Johnson who was just looking for a reason to enter into a conflict in South East Asia.

LBJ knew that the US would not agree to commit into another war unless there was a good reason. So he created the Gulf of Tonkin Incident that we later discovered, never took place. LBJ also elected to make all the decisions rather than leaving it up to those who were there on the ground, leading the troops. Finally every time we won a battle, rather than leave troops behind to protect the indigenous population and defend the hard won territory. We would simply evacuate our troops and go on to fight over another piece of land we never intended to keep.

For the United States along with help from the UN would have needed ten million troops to have won that war. Only a fraction would be fighting while the remainder would be weeding out those little gophers with our tunnel rats, and weeding out the Vietcong from the indigenous population. In doing so we would have gained the trust of the civilians who would have been more willing to turn in the North Vietcong members.

Then we could establish an infrastructure for the people while establishing local Governments who would have been able to create a viable economy, while establishing safe borders from neighboring nations. This again would require a long term commitment from the US and United Nations but in the end Vietnam would have been a free and prosperous nation.

Instead we entered into Vietnam with insufficient troops with no intentions of winning that war. As a result the United States alone lost 58,000 brave men and women for nothing. If we are going to place our brave men and women into harm’s way, we better damn well go there to win. In both cases we did not have the number of troops necessary to decisively win the wars we were asked to fight.

During the first Gulf war we had the troops necessary to secure the desert but then we stopped before we were able to bring in enough troops to secure the conquered territory and to defeat Iraq once and for all. During the second Gulf war we made several mistakes. First we entered without enough troops to assure stability in the territories we won, and second we left far too early, so Iraq did not have a chance at defending itself from invading nations. Their troops were not well enough trained nor did they have the confidence of taking on a determined enemy. Now we are going to have to commit to fighting a third war in Iraq because of our own stupidity.

During WW II less than a month after D-Day we had 1,250,000 troops in France and by the time we entered Germany there were 5,000,000 troops on the ground. The reason we had this many boots on the ground was not just to fight the Nazi Germans but to enable us to provide protection to the civilians who lived there. Thus the inhabitants embraced us with open arms because they knew they were finally safe. This sense of security was why they were willing to turn in Nazi’s trying to blend into the local population. Plus the civilians trusted us enough to provide valuable intelligence that proved invaluable to win the war.

In this day and age we believe that our superior technology will solve all our problems and yes it does help but it is not the end all either. Technology is not going to protect civilians like boots on the ground can. Nor can technology build trust between our troops and the indigenous populations. When we left Iraq the Taliban were still planting IED’s, and car bombs. As well as suicide bombers. How can we expect to win a war when events like this are taking place.

President Obama blamed his failures on the Bush Administration and our troops. Yet how can you expect to win a war when you are not providing enough troops to get the job done. Had we entered in to Iraq with the numbers like we did during world war two, we would not have had to go back to refight this war and the same is going to hold true when we leave Afghanistan.

When are we going to wake up? The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over, then expecting different results. This is how we have been fighting wars over the past sixty plus years.

We need to reinstate the draft, not only to have enough troops but in the process we can teach these spoiled children who think life revolves around video games and cell phones some discipline. In the military they can also learn not only how it is to work with others but it will get them in shape as well. For those not college bound can also learn trades so that they will be better prepared to provide for themselves and their families.

Then when we are called to war, we can provide sufficient numbers of troops, not only to beat the enemy but to provide protection to the local people as we move ahead. Through helping to rebuild their infrastructure while providing these people jobs, and protecting them all at the same time. Knowing we are not going to leave them in the dust, we will receive much more cooperation. The civilians are going to be more willing to turn in the remaining terrorists that will provide us with the intelligence needed to win a war.

After the war is finished we remain, not just long enough to teach a few troops how to use our equipment but also to establish an infrastructure, which will enable their people to provide for their families. When we go into war we need to commit to the long run as we did in Europe and in Japan. Then when we do leave, we leave a country who can protect themselves with an economy that can provide for their people. In return we receive a new trading partner and ally.

In conclusion these are not new concepts nor does it require a rocket scientist to understand. Yes the left is going to have a fit when we require everyone upon graduation from HS to serve a minimum of two years in the military. Even though in the end everyone will benefit from their experience in the Military.

Every person after serving their time will have a greater appreciation of our Country and will also have a trade that they can use in civilian life. Those choosing to go on to college who are willing to commit to an additional four years of duty as officers can also obtain a free college education.

Even though this plan would not only help us to maintain a military that is prepared to take on any advisory. It would also provide all of our citizens with a trade or education when they left the service. Our biggest problem in implementing such a program is we lack the numbers of Politicians who have the moral fiber to stand up to the progressive left. Instead they would rather fill their pockets with cash while increasing the size of the Federal Government who is after complete control over our Population. Without a care for the Constitution they all swore to protect.

Thank You for taking the time to read this and May God Bless all of you. Please pray for our country so that we may once again be able to serve God while Following the Constitution that was created through divine inspiration. Most of all GOD BLESS AMERICA.

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