Saturday, June 27, 2015

Search for murderer David Sweat intensifies in upstate New York: Richard Matt shot and killed

One of two convicted killers who staged a brazen escape from an upstate maximum-security prison and had been hunted for three weeks was shot and killed Friday, but the other is still on the run.

Richard Matt was shot and killed by law enforcement officers on Friday afternoon.

"Of course our preference would always be to capture them alive.

"They verbally challenged him, told him to put up his hands. And at that time, he was shot when he didn't comply," New York State Police Superintendent Joseph D'Amico said.

The search for David Sweat in the same are has now been been intensified.

"As we were doing the ground search in the area, there was movement detected by officers on the ground, what they believed to be coughs. So they knew that they were dealing with humans as opposed to wildlife," he said.

"Based on that, we continued to search. We have a lot of people in the area. We have canines and we have a decent perimeter set up and we're searching for Sweat at this time," D'Amico said..

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