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A hypothisis based on the past eight years and actions taken by the Obama administration

Contributor article by Dan Wilson

As somewhat of a historical scholar who has spent many years studying United States and world history, with emphasis on warfare and the political events leading up to major conflicts.

This essay is by no means a call to arms nor does it have any intent other than taking a hypothetical look at what could happen if current events are to continue on as they presently are.

I will begin with current events and why a Progressive/Socialist Government would take this course of action. As we know beginning in the Nineties When President Bill Clinton instituted the fair housing acts that were a series of four separate acts beginning in 1994.

This was the first steps in positioning the Federal Government to take control over our National Banking system by using Fanny Mae & Freddy Mac. To support this the Clinton Administration had the Securities and Exchange Commission raise the Sub-Prime rates. This enabled banks to carry more unsecured loans.

Since banks tend to be conservative, raising the limits on sub-prime rates was not enough for banks to take on such risky loans. In order to encourage the larger banks into taking such risks, The Clinton Administration needed a way to demonstrate, taking on such loans would be a reasonably risk free endeavor with the possibilities of higher returns on their investments due to the higher interest rates sub-primes loans require.

Knowing raising the Sub-Prime rates would not be enough to get the major banks to take on such risky loans. The Clinton Administration needed a way to stimulate National Banks into investing in this program. This is why the Clinton Administration invested in acquiring Fanny & Freddy Mac.

Under the authority of Chris Dodd & Barney Frank along with the 1989 Insurance Credit Protection Act, followed by the 1991 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Act, gave National Banks the impression that these Sub-Prime Loans would be backed by the Federal Government.

At first most banks still refused to take on many high-risk loans, Freddy & Fanny Mac’s job was to take on enormous numbers of sub-prime loans. Then after taking on as many high risk loans as possible. They began selling off these “Government backed” Loans. Sine larger banks saw these government backed loans as low risk investments began buying up these sub-prime loans.

By the time this all took place, Clinton’s last term was coming to an end. As we know President Bush won this election thus inheriting this financial mess. Before he could do anything about it the attack on the World Trade Center took place, putting greater stress on our economy.

The attack on the trade center along with the loss of over three thousand Americans forced Bush to attack both Iraq and Afghanistan, placing even more stress on our economy. President Bush knowing there were increasing numbers of people defaulting on these loans was placing more pressure on the FDIC. This was when he made is first address to Congress, Bush warned something needed to be done about the ever increasing pressure on the FDIC.

President Bush made three more addresses to Congress, warning if congress did not take action soon we would have a major banking crises. After Each Address to Congress Barney Frank assured the public that our National Banking System was fine and that they had the FDIC who would prevent an all-out banking crises. On one occasion Frank even called Bush a Worry Wort.

Eventually the FDIC could no longer cover the number of foreclosures, forcing it to go out of business. This marked the beginning of the banking crises. As banks all over the country began looking for ways to dump these ever increasing worthless loans. This in turn made it difficult for companies to borrow to meet weekly payrolls which up to then had been common practice.
Thus forcing companies to lay off personnel. As the Bush Administration came to an end, this housing/banking crises was well under way. Right before he left office in an attempt to stabilize the situation, Bush had the Federal Government purchase two of the largest banks in the country, but it did little to stop this run on defaulting loans.

With Obama taking office as always he blamed this banking and housing crises on the Bush Administration and the Rich. Blaming the rich was his first move attempting to create class warfare. Then he began blaming republicans on the number of blacks being unemployed. With the Death of Trayvon Marten, Obama exploited this by claiming racism while Fast & Furious and Solyndra were both being ignored. Obama then talked congress into giving him a trillion dollars for shovel ready jobs that were to be used to improve our infrastructure. The shovel Ready jobs never came through, with Obama blaming Bush on that as well.

For the remainder of his first term his focus was on class warfare, racism and the depression all on Bush. Obama also began releasing prisoners from Gitmo, who simply returned to fighting against the US. After being reelected Obama’s objective has been to increase the racism problem and to continue on demilitarizing our country and pulling troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan. During His first four years Obama snubbed Israel and has increased tensions between the two states. Israel was our only close Ally in the Middle East and he threw that relationship away. Going as far as Blaming Israel for killing innocent people in Palestine who was shooting missiles at Israel

 The negotiations with Iran, Obama essentially gave Iran the OK to continue on with its nuclear program while not even checking on Syria who was caught twice trying to develop nukes with the help of North Korea. All the while he has done little about Russia’s invasions of nations formally under control of the old USSR. He has done zero when it comes to China’s Military Buildup.
After Obama was re-elected he has begun a campaign on attacking Christians, blaming virtually everything on us and the Jewish. Though this makes sense when one is trying to institute a Progressive/Socialist Society where religion is not tolerated.

With the economy, in order to get people to rely on the Federal Government he intentionally increased taxes and regulations to create an environment that is not conducive to corporate growth. This way we is forcing many people to rely on the Federal Government for assistance.

Personally this patriot believes all of the problems are nation is facing was intentionally created by this administration. Over the past seven years though the stock market has continued to increase, the net GDP has only risen by 1.2% which is why there virtually no job creations. To give some comparison During the Reagan administration who also inherited a very weak economy. During his two terms in office. GDP increased by 14.5% while creating twenty million new jobs.

As for our future, personally I believe this administration wants Iran to create nuclear weapons. This is why he has done nothing to close our Southern Borders. This way several nukes could be smuggled into the US. ISIS could then place these weapons in several major cities. Then waiting until around October 2016 before setting them off which would cause pandemonium here in the US. This would Provide Obama a reason to declare Martial Law. Then delaying the Presidential election for an indefinite time.

This will give him virtually unlimited power where he is going to attempt a coup to take over the country. In the process we will lose all of our rights, and this country will go down the tubes. Our Military will Join Russia and China to then wipe out the Middle East. Then it is just a matter of time before Europe and England would fall as well. Thus creating a Worldwide Progressive Socialist society.

This article may be based on speculation but it is also supported by some reasonably strong evidence. We do know Obama would love to become a dictator who will continue to keep the people of the United States under his thumb. The big question is, if this should happen what are we going to do about it? We can be Patriots who will declare our independence from the Federal Government and fight it out. Or are we going to be sheep being led to slaughter?

It is far too early to make any decisions or taking any actions at this time. Even if this scenario does take place, we need to try diplomacy by demanding the elections to go on as planned. Only after all attempts of finding a peaceful solution have been exhausted should we contemplate separating from our present Government.

Another Civil War is the last thing we want to engage in. Not only will it lead to the loss of millions more citizens but it is also be a major waste of resources and most of all it opens the door to invasion.
As for what we can do, the best thing we can do is to purchase additional clips/magazines and ammunition. We also need to recruit as many people as possible over to our side by explaining why we are conservative Republicans. Especially when it comes to minority groups because we have always been the true defenders of freedom, not the Progressive/Socialists.

Just take a look at how they have been attacking our freedom of speech, Freedom of press & Freedom of religion. Look also at who has been promoting and claiming racism. As children we use to have a saying “Who Smelled it, dealt it”. Think about it, the best way to hide what you are doing is to blame someone else for what you are doing. Blaming another for what you are doing is one of the most effective way of avoiding being blamed for their actions.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and all I ask is to think about what I wrote. This is far from being out of the realm of possibilities. Iran has already promised to attack the United States and we know Obama’s ideals. Thus making this a very real possibility.

For now get involved and start recruiting, so we can win this election even if the Democrats do cheat. If the numbers are high enough, this will make getting away with cheating, all but impossible. God Bless each and every one of you and pray that God will protect our country until we can take total control. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

Dan Wilson is host of the national syndicated talk show Saturday Symposium with Dan Wilson.

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