Thursday, May 28, 2015

Why Concealed Carry is Necessary: Racists Jump Black Man in Florida, Concealed Weapon Stops Attack

Video of an incident that took place at a Florida eatery was released this month by police.

On January 5, Jehrardd Williams was eating at a Waffle House in Fort Myers, Florida. During his meal, Williams was repeatedly interrupted by Dakota Fields and his racist friends at another table, who repeatedly yelled slurs at Mr. Williams.

Mr. Williams
When Fields had finished his meal, he and his friends got up and approached Mr. Williams.

Williams was then approached by one of the people in the group, Robert Black, who tried to shake is hand. Williams refused.

Suddenly, Black punched Williams in the face. In response, Williams backs up and showed his gun. Black backed off.

However, moments later, Fields runs at Williams and starts throwing punches. Fearing for his life, Williams shoots Fields three times before the thug broke off his attack, injured. He and his friends then fled the scene.

Williams stayed in the Waffle House, placed his gun on the counter, and called 911. He explained what happened to the operator and that had his concealed carry permit with him.

Black, Fields, and another friend tried to drive to the hospital, but crashed their car. Fields was pronounced dead at the scene.

Fields's friends told investigators that Williams was aggressive toward them and the Waffle House staff. Other witness testimony and surveillance video show that to be irrefutably false.

Police have determined that Williams fired in self defense and will not be charged with a crime.

You can watch a breakdown of the incident in the video below:

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