Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Students Hold "SlutWalk" at OSU, Call for End of "Patriarcy, Cissexism, Heterosexism"

Students at Oregon State University held a "SlutWalk" yesterday, calling for the end of the patriarchy, cissexism, and heterosexism. The rally began at the steps of Memorial Union, which is the student activity center at OSU.

Fliers were posted around campus, trying to rally other students to the cause:

Among other things that "SlutWalk" hopes to accomplish is the re-definition of the word "slut." They also hope to end "the patriarcy," "cissexism," "heterosexism," and "ableism:"

Here is a picture from a recent "SlutWalk" in Ottawa:

SlutWalk also believes that people are not only gay, straight, or "bi," but can be a tremendous amount of different sexual orientations:

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  1. I thought using the work "walk" is ableist, according to ASU students:

    Therefore these guy who want to stop ableism do that with a walk? What a bigotry.