Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Liberal Professor: "White People are a Big F*cking Problem"

Adam Kotsko, a professor at Shimer College in Chicago, has had enough of white people. Not only are they a "big f*cking problem," according to Dr. Kotsko, but they have "nothing to offer anymore." Dr. Kotsko is white.

In a number of racist tweets, Dr. Kotsko has been calling out both "whites," "Europeans," and "the West" who he sees as a blight:

He also has a big problem with capitalism, to the point where he started a petition to abolish it:

He even writes on his blog that, if Muslims had "invented" capitalism first, it wouldn't be the extremely racist form of economics it is today:
"Overall, I’m inclined to say that — while modernization would have brought about considerable disruption, exploitation, and suffering in any case — there’s at least a chance that modernity would not have taken on its distinctively racist form had one of the Muslim powers gotten there first."
Yes, this man teaches young adults how to think and research.

Just so you don't go away too made, this is his hilariously inaccurate prediction for the 2014 mid-terms:


  1. Perfesser Costco is projecting his own inadequacies and worthlessness onto everyone else.

    Lefty perfessers produce nothing of value, unlike professors who teach real subjects like engineering and medicine.

  2. Dr. Douchebag....

  3. Yes, White Males are soooooo very terrible! Heck, some of the crappy things they've done include the creation of indoor plumbing, polio and smallpox vaccinations, the combustion engine, central air, and thousands of other items that have provided people of ALL races with better health and a better standard of living. Those rats! How could they?

  4. "Dr. Kotsko is white."

    No, he is not.