Friday, April 10, 2015

Scott Walker: Legal immigration must protect American workers

Wisconsin Governor and possible 2016 GOP presidential candidate Scott Walker told Sean Hannity that legal immigration must protect American workers and wages.

"Once you [secure the border] then you can talk about enforcing the laws by using an effective e-verify system for all employers, one that works for small businesses, farmers, and ranchers, and making sure that any legal immigration, no amnesty, any legal immigration system we go forward with is one that ultimately has to protect American workers and make sure that American wages are going up.

"That's the way we prosper for every hard working American in this country," Walker said.


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  1. Thats his convenient campaign trail version, now that he wants votes - his promise to the Koch Bros and the Chamber of Commerce BEFORE the Republican party stepped aside and funded amnesty is what mattered..

    back at that time, he had no concern about american workers or jobs or communities slammed by mass immigration of 3rd world unskilled migrants and illegals. Back then,.. when it mattered, he only cared about offering massive hordes of slave workers to his funders.

    It does not matter now what Walkers current flip flop position is, because the only thing blocking massive nation killing amnesty is ONE lone federal Judge, who is alone protecting american workers, families and communities. Walker took the money and promised open borders and endless imported workers back when it mattered.

    The chamber of commerce does not care what Walker says now.. because amnesty has been enacted by a lawless president, and the Republicans funded the illegal amnesty and the republicans stepped out of the way and left one lone Judge to fight for american workers.

    Scott Walker betrayed us when the Republican position still mattered, and he conveniently changed to a 180 degree opposite position only AFTER the Republican party had given a criminal president a open path to amnesty.

    Its not Walker protecting or fighting for americans, and it never was and it never will be.
    The one fighting for americans and the rule of law is Judge Andrew Hanen