Sunday, April 12, 2015

President Obama: The Cold War is over

These comments may lead you to think that President Obama is choosing to ignore what Vladir Putin is doing in Russia right now. It really is hard to believe this guy is supposed to be the leader of the free world.

After meeting with Cuban leader Raul Castro on Saturday, President Obama proudly declared that "the Cold War is over."

"Part of my message here is, the Cold War is over. There's still a whole lot of challenges that we face and a lot of issues around the world, and we're still going to have serious issues with Cuba on not just the Cuban government's approach to its own people, but also regional issues and concerns.

"There are going to be areas where we cooperate as well. You know, Cuban doctors deployed during the Ebola crisis made a difference, Cuban activity in Haiti in the wake of the earthquake made a difference. So there may be areas of collaboration as well.

"We have to be very clear, Cuba is not a threat to the United States. That doesn't mean we don't have differences with it. but on the list of threats that I am concerned about, I think it is fair to say between ISIL and Iran getting a nuclear weapon, and activities in Yemen and Libya and Boko Haram, Russian aggression in Ukraine, and the impact on our allies there. I could go down a pretty long list--climate change--so I think our approach has to be one of trying to work with the region and other countries, and be very clear about what we believe and stand for and what we think works and what doesn't," President Obama said.


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  1. The Cold War is over now? Where was Obama when Reagan ended the Cold War? Is Obama finally catching up with the news? Most of the challenges and issues in the world right now were caused by Obama. During his debate with Romney in 2012, he ridiculed Romney when Romney said that Russia was our biggest global threat. Well, now Obama is saying that Russian aggression in Ukraine is a threat. What he does not realize is that the Russian threat will continue to grow. Obama's foreign policy is so messed up that it is embarrassing coming from the leader of the once free world.