Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un declare 2015 a year of friendship


Iran is on its way to building a nuclear weapon. ISIS is growing stronger by the day as we have a U.S. President who refuses to acknowledge the dangers of radical Islam. Russia is slowly but surely taking over Ukraine.

Now, we have Vlad and the little dictator declaring 2015 a year of friendship. Thanks Barack!

From The Telegraph:
Ostracised by the international community, North Korea and Russia have declared 2015 a year of bilateral friendship that will be marked by a series of political, economic and cultural exchanges.

North Korean state media said this year marks the 70th anniversary of Korea's liberation from Japanese colonial rule and the "victory in the great Patriotic War in Russia".

Pyongyang's announcement is the latest indication of the close relationship that is developing between two leaders and nations that have been the target of international.

Both Russia and North Korea have been the target of United Nations sanctions, with the UN attempting to halt Russian involvement in fighting in the Ukraine. The UN also imposed restrictions on North Korea after it conducted a third underground nuclear test in February 2013, as well as a series of subsequent missile launches.

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President Obama’s foreign policy starts and ends with trying to be liked. Does anyone think that is working? Instead of us being “liked,” we have lost respect, or at least fear, which is equally as good.

The vacuum from our withdrawal as the world’s leader for democracy, has enabled what were once neutered countries like Russia to reappear as a world power and for problematic countries like Iran, Syria and North Korea to step up their destructive paths. The world is not safer, but rather a more perilous place to exist.

While we don’t have to always be the world’s policeman, we do need to project that capability to help keep others in check. In the absence of such projection, others feel empowered.

Away from home, Obama’s vision of the U.S. is just another unexceptional fish in a vast international community. One that shouldn’t have too much power and certainly shouldn’t do anything but lead from behind.

Well, Obama has certainly made progress there, hasn’t he? Even funnier is Putin ridiculing America (and the West, of course) for its hubris and silly 21st century notions while he occupies Crimea and eyes the rest of Ukraine with his 19th century strategies.

How declasse.

Obama is mothballing military capacity (something about swords and plowshares) while Putin is counting bayonets and putting troops on the ground.

Too many people understate the disaster that is the Obama administration’s stewardship (if you can call it that) of American foreign policy, mischaracterizes its “grand strategy” as “well-intentioned, carefully crafted, and consistently pursued”, and is irrationally optimistic about the capacity to correct the current situation as to both their capabilities and ideology.

More than likely, the Obama presidency will go down as the most destructive in American history, both domestically and in matters of foreign affairs.

The main problem was emblematic from the very beginning with the Obama administration’s treatment of the Honduran constitutional crisis where then President Zelaya tried to illegally implement revisions to the constitution to further the dictatorial inclinations of his ally, Hugo Chavez. The Obama State Department sided with the Chavista’s against the Honduran People and the Supreme Court.

Since then, the fundamental trademark of Obama’s system of government has been to treat allies and fellow countrymen as enemies and adversaries, and enemies and adversaries as comrades. Hence his delusional and destructive outreach to the Muslim Brotherhood, negotiations with the Taliban, reset with Russia, abandonment of hard-won strategic gains in Iraq, abrogating missile defense agreements with Poland and the Czech Republic, the unprecedented display of contempt of unilaterally declaring the 1967 Armistice lines to be the starting point for negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian’s regarding any future state, fecklessness in the face of hostile actions by China and North Korea, and the subrogation of American interests to the hapless and pathetic “international community” and the United Nations.

Don’t expect things to get any better. The problem isn’t the misapplication of good intentions, but Obama’s and the modern Democratic Party’s embrace of policies, and a general ideology that is anathema to traditional American way’s of foreign policy (and domestic governance) that has been constructed and generally practiced since George Washington’s farewell address all the way to the Monroe Doctrine, and from containment to the counter-terror policies constructed by George W. Bush.

The result is that international security without American leadership is at its most precarious as at anytime since the 1960’s, and resembles the appeasement of Hitler by the British and French in the 1930s.

Think things are looking bad now in the Middle East? Wait until Iran has a nuclear weapon.

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