Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ted Cruz officially announces 2016 presidential bid on Twitter

Early Monday morning, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) officially announced on Twitter that he is launching his 2016 presidential campaign.

"I'm running for president, and I hope to earn your support!" Cruz tweeted.

Cruz’s U.S. Senate win in 2012 was a welcome repudiation of the “establishment” GOP. His victory was yet another indication that the conservative electorate fully understands that the establishment Republicans are at least as much of the problem as the Democrat party and its more overtly collectivist fellow travelers.

The Tea Party could be seen as the Reform Wing, but I think many Tea Party folks prefer being seen as separate from the parties, which is a wise move in my book, at least until the Tea Party has effectively subsumed the Republican party.

It is not inaccurate or pejorative to suggest that the establishment Republicans are the Hoover Wing of the Republican party, intellectual heirs of the Republican progressives, notably Herbert Hoover, a progressive who prized efficiency.

For such politicians the prime directive was to effectively manage a big government, which is where they miss the essential point.

This is why the Tea Party’s success in electing reliable conservatives such as Cruz is so important, for the Tea Party is the only real counterbalance to a media and a political class that is devoted to the continued engorgement of government, either because they believe in it or hope to enrich themselves from its continued growth.

Many people think 2010 and 2014 were a fluke, but Cruz proved it was not. Most Americans are as upset today as they were when the raucous town hall meetings took place. They aren’t happening today because it is clear Obama and the liberals won’t listen.

People are tired of the hate coming from the left and of too much government. Centralized governments fail. We are America, and therefore people like Cruz win in a landslide.

People do not want socialism, they want freedom. Socialism always fails because we all know that we must provide for ourselves.

Cruz’s victory also meant that if you are a minority and want to succeed, you will find the same values in conservatism. True conservatives don’t judge based on the color of your skin.

Minorities need to start believing that conservatism offers all Americans the best chance at success.

The left loves to portray the Tea Party as a fringe bunch with no grounding in reality, when actually they are a very real product of a harsh reality that has been building for years to the point that even Republicans have drifted left. Tea Party ideas very much resonate with many people who just want to see some kind of limits to the loony left agenda that punishes hard working people and ruins incentives with disastrous economics.

I believe this truly baffles the left who are so out of touch and accustomed to getting their way for so long. They simply can’t imagine that real people would have a breaking point where they no longer can tolerate being victimized by leftist bullies.

Despite their vociferous denial of “trickle down” this is exactly what they have perpetrated on most hard working people – trickle down theft. People are feeling the full weight of expensive socialist “projects” that can no longer be cleverly hidden. Furthermore, leftists don’t even bother to hide their true intentions of looting anymore.

Obama promised to loot aka “spread the wealth” and he proceeded to follow through with the result of poverty – just look at the economic carnage. Nobody is going to open their wallets to buy or invest for fear of not weathering the next redistribution scheme that will bankrupt them putting them on the government handout list.

This is truly insulting to any self respecting person’s dignity.

With more true conservatives such as Ted Cruz in Washington D.C., we can hopefully stop the spread of the liberal left lunacy.

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  1. The Republican nominee will be either Ted Cruz or Donald Trump.