Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Rand Paul: We need to go after the Clintons' corruption

U.S. Senator and possible 2016 GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul told Megyn Kelly on Monday night that the Republicans need to go after all of the "corruption" involving Bill and Hillary Clinton.

"I think what you end up needing from any of us, whoever might be the nominee, is you do want someone who's a fighter.

"And the thing is that I think we do need to aggressively go after the Clintons. I think we need to go after their corruption. I think we need to call her out for not being a consistent defender of women's rights when she's willing to take money from a country that actually would imprison a victim of rape.

"So there's a lot of hypocrisy on the Clinton side, the whole Clinton, Inc., enriching themselves. And you can't let that go. And [you're] going to need somebody who will ask the tough questions about why in Benghazi that she didn't provide the security that our ambassador needed.

"These are really important questions. And we won't win unless we do aggressively combat her and make sure she explains her record as well," Paul said.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UE-IOyDysk]

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