Friday, March 20, 2015

Massacre in Yemen: Islamic State suicide bombers kill over 100 people praying in Mosques

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the suicide bombings in the Yemen on Friday that left over 100 people dead and more than 250 wounded.

"Let the polytheist Houthis know that the soldiers of the Islamic State will not rest and will not stay still until they extirpate them.

"God willing, this operation is only a part of the coming flood," the group said on Twitter.

From Reuters:
Islamic State claimed responsibility for suicide bombings in the Yemeni capital Sanaa that killed 126 people during Friday prayers at two mosques used by supporters of Shi'ite Houthi fighters who now control the capital.

The attacks were the deadliest in a years-long campaign of militant violence in the country, where Washington has been waging a drone air war against a powerful local branch of the Sunni Muslim militant group al Qaeda.

Sectarian unrest has increased in recent months after Iran-backed Shi'ite fighters seized the capital last year.

Four bombers wearing explosive belts targeted worshippers in and around the crowded mosques. Hospitals were overwhelmed by the dead and wounded, appealing for blood donors to help treat the large number of casualties.

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