Friday, March 06, 2015

Doctor in Menendez Scandal Made Payments to Hillary and Her Scandal-Plagued Brother

Dr. Salomon Melgen made a name for himself as a major Democratic Party donor over the last several decades. His commitment to the cause has earned him a photo op with President Obama and various donations to candidates and causes. His repeated donations to Senator Robert Menendez also came with flights to the Caribbean that are now under federal investigations.


Turns out that Melgen and his wife Flor have funneled money to Bill and Hillary Clinton, as well. Even more alarming the Florida eye doctor also made several payments to Hillary Clinton's brother, Hugh Rodham. The record, spanning back about two decades shows a consistent record.

Melgen also gave money to disgraced former Connecticut Senator Christopher Dodd, who also faced ethics investigation over sweetheart bank deals:

Both Melgen and his wife Flor donated to the former President:


There has also been a consistent set of donations to Hillary going back years:





Perhaps the most distressing, Melgen also made several payments to Hillary Clinton's brother, who made a failed Senate bid from Florida in 1994. His bid was marred by allegations of election law violations, dismissed by the Federal Election Commission while his brother in law was in the White House. He was also involved in receiving $400,000 in contributions to influence the pardon process of the Clinton White House.



All of these issues also call into play Hillary's judgement following her email scandal.

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