Friday, March 13, 2015

Bill Clinton has received $16 Million in taxpayer funded benefits since leaving the White House


Must be nice to be as broke as Bill and Hillary.

From Fox News:
Former President Bill Clinton has received nearly $16 million in taxpayer funds since leaving the White House, covering everything from his pension to personnel to benefits -- and renewing questions over how much taxpayers really should spend on ex-presidents who make millions after leaving office.

A new Politico report and analysis examined the payments since he left office in 2001, and claimed it amounts to more than any other ex-president has received. Meanwhile, Politico points out, Clinton has a personal annual income that beats all the other living former presidents. His $15 million advance -- then a record -- for his 2008 memoir was just a sliver of his earnings. According to reports he's made more than $106 million in speaking fees alone since 2001.

Clinton’s wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, also has earned millions in speaking fees -- and released a memoir, for which she reportedly got a $14 million advance, last year. In the first 16 months after leaving Foggy Bottom in 2012, she made at total of $12 million in personal income, according to Bloomberg.

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Clinton’s greatest accomplishment as President was to be so inept his first couple of years in office that it resulted in the Republicans taking over the House in 1994. Before that election he was a disaster, even Time magazine ran a cover story detailing his failed presidency. There is nothing to boast about when it comes to his accomplishments. What ever good that came about in the late 1990’s was the result of efforts by other people not Clinton.

President Clinton has always been a demagogue. In 1994, he simply realized he wasn’t going to be able to do anything outrageous due to the Republicans taking over Congress. This doesn’t make him a “centrist.” It simply makes him a left wing pragmatist.

President Clinton installed just as many country-destroying redistributionists into administrative agencies and judgeships as President Obama has. We are seeing now the deficits which his appointments have created. Presidential policies always have at least a five to ten year lag before we see their full effects.

Despite what the liberal left might want you to believe, there was no budget surplus in any of the Clinton years – the national debt went up every year. Excess Social Security payments have been used to mask deficits since LBJ changed the accounting rules. And, a big reason that the budgets could even be called “balanced” was historically high tax revenue caused by the dot-com bubble.

Clinton’s policies did not create this revenue bubble, he just was lucky enough to be President when it happened.

Clinton was also responsible for the mistaken fiscal policy “compromise” of the mid-to-later 90s, the tax mismatch where marginal rates were raised and capital gains lowered — as well as Greenspan’s overly easy monetary policies, which led directly to the internet bubble of 2000. Clinton’s fiscal policy mistakenly set government mandates on what constituted capital gains and in his monetary policy, he mistakenly allowed Greenspan to pursue his (mostly) disastrous “Soft Landing” approach to recession control.

History amply proves that liberal ideologues don’t ever learn from empirical experience, but instead cling to their statist dreams and ideals.

Jimmy Carter (with big assists from Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon) destroyed the savings of the middle class. For that alone, he should be reviled.

Clinton said and did everything he needed to say and do to stay popular, no matter how foolish it would make him look in time. He spoke to us with condescension and he took credit for every success, regardless of his contribution. Hopefully, in time, he will get his due.

Bill Clinton, if nothing else, is an opportunist. His administration was a long list of corruption investigations, from Whitewater, the actions of his staff following Vince Foster’s suicide, all the way to his last day in office and the pardon scandal. The American people were sick of it, and George W. Bush, regardless of what may think of his policies, did the nation a favor by simply serving without the personal sleaze.

President Clinton can reveal his true colors now because he doesn’t have Newt Gingrich at the other end of the Mall restraining his liberal impulses. The same thing happened when the American people threw out Nancy Pelosi in favor of John Boehner–it was just too late to prevent most of the damage of the Obama Administration on the American economy.

No matter what they say leading up to an election, liberals are always shills for more government, more government spending, more government micromanagement of our lives, and more taxes. Their true intent only becomes clear periodically, when the restraining impulses of our balanced system are temporarily out of balance.

You vote for Democrats and you get more government. That’s what they do.

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