Monday, March 02, 2015

Benjamin Netanyahu to AIPAC: I have a moral obligation to speak out about the dangers of a nuclear deal with Iran


Speaking at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference in Washington on Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he has "a moral obligation to speak out about" the dangers of a nuclear deal with Iran. Netanyahu also noted that Iran “envelops the entire world with its tentacles of terror.”

“As prime minister of Israel I have a moral obligation to speak out about these dangers while there’s still time to avert them.

"The days when the Jewish people are passive in the face of threats to annihilate us, those days are over. Tomorrow as prime minister of the one and only Jewish state I plan to use that voice.”

“Never has so much been written about a speech that hasn’t been given.

“I regret that some people have misperceived my visit here. Israel has always been a bipartisan issue. Israel should always remain a bipartisan issue," Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu said that he will be addressing the U.S. Congress on Tuesday “to speak up about a potential deal with Iran that could threaten the survival of Israel.”

“America lives in one of the world’s safest neighborhoods; Israel lives in the world’s most dangerous neighborhood.

"Not a single day, not one day I didn’t think about the survival of my country and the actions that I take to ensure that, not one day.”

“And because of these differences, America and Israel have had some serious disagreements over the course of our nearly 70-year-old friendship.

“Despite occasional disagreements, the friendship between America and Israel grew stronger and stronger, decade after decade. And our friendship will weather the current disagreement, as well, to grow even stronger in the future.

“As Christians in the Middle East are beheaded and their ancient communities are decimated, Israel’s Christian community is growing and thriving, the only one such community in the Middle East.

“Disagreements in the family are always uncomfortable, but we must always remember that we are family," Netanyahu said.


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