Saturday, March 07, 2015

A lack of common sense in dealing with voter ID laws

voteridWhy not use a little some common sense in dealing with the voter ID issue? We all need an ID to drive a car, use a credit card. We need an ID to get medical treatment (medical card). We need an ID to get on a plane.

Basically, unless your life consists of sitting on a sofa watching re-runs of Gilligan's Island, you will need an ID to function.

Yet the liberal left, who throws common sense to the wind, argues that requiring voters to show an ID will disenfranchise voters. Who will it disenfranchise? Could it be people who are illegally voting or are illegally voting in more than one place or state?

The argument against showing ID to vote doesn't pass the common sense test at any level.

If there is no voter fraud as the liberal left claims, then why are the so dead set against making sure there is no voter fraud? There's no proof to support the liberal left's claim that voter ID prevents legally registered voters from voting.

Liberals are throwing a huge hissy-fit about voter ID, something that the Supreme Court has already ruled is both constitutional and a reasonable action to take to ensure voting integrity. It is not unreasonable to think that their motivation is other that wanting to make sure a relatively few people who have special problems getting IDs is so important that they want to oppose using IDs in their entirety.

You'd think rather that liberals would be more concerned with helping those folks prove that they are eligible to vote. After all -- they seem to claim that most folks impacted by lack of voter ID are "probably" Democrat voters.

Consider the source of the protestations about voter fraud, President Obama and his Sheriff of Nottingham, Eric Holder. I think they doth protest too much for there to be nothing there.

Obama and Holder's speeches on the matter are just one more arrow in their quiver of divisiveness. Look who their audiences are when making these claims; Al Sharpton's Action Network, Mr. Charlatan himself?

Second, at this point, who can believe a word either of these credibility challenged pair have to say about anything, especially when it comes to attesting to facts and figures on any topic! Look at the analysis of Obama's "proof" for yet again evidence of his pathological inability to deal with the truth about anything.

Aside from the decorum issue, Joe Wilson was spot on in characterizing Obama as a liar. His credibility is far gone and with speeches filled with such specious reasoning, it doesn't look as if Obama is trying to regain it in any way soon!

Canada has voter ID laws. They have no problems with "disenfranchising" minority voters. Even ardent Obama supporters there look at this canard and shake their head.

Do liberals even realize what they are saying when it comes to "disenfranchising" minority voters? If you use liberal logic, minorities should be able to drive a car, board a plane withdraw money from the bank without the need to show government issued ID.

How dumb does that sound? Are you getting the point?

When it comes to politics It seems like the liberals are incapable of independent critical thought. Their spin meisters tell them how to think and liberals go own brainless automaton, re-spewing leftist political talking points.

Why can't liberals think for themselves? Why did liberals believe Obama when he said they could keep their doctor? Why did liberals believe Obama when he told them that Benghazi was a spontaneous reaction to an internet video? Why do liberals believe Obama cronies when they say minorities are incapable of producing ID. If I was a minority I would be insulted by that.

So, we come to a simple question, Why not just issue voter ID cards with photos to every eligible voter in the country? That would be fine except Obama and Holder don't even want that.

Of course, what do people do who want to exercise their privilege to drive? Do they simply tell the Motor Vehicle Department to let them drive? No license? What do they give the policeman when they get pulled over for a traffic violation, a smile?

There really is no excuse.

Seems like every place where fraud is easy, Obama and seem to object. Well, I guess they are consistent. After all, what can you expect from people who lack credibility and lie like a rug whenever the truth is inconvenient?

Let's get real. Voter fraud exists and this administration's denial is predictable given their motive of benefit from it. Honesty is vacuous while chicanery prevails.

In this hyper-charged political environment, fraud is likely on the increase, not because of the disdain against this President and his party, but rather by those who seek to keep the gravy train on the rails.

By their very nature, elections are contests. Often, millions of dollars are spent on both sides. We argue all the time about the issues of the day. We are passionate about elections.

Whether one can prove "significant fraud" is almost beside the point. Isn't it clear from the intensity of arguments that there is plenty of incentive for fraud to occur. Money, power, and influence are at stake.

What reasonable person would argue that the integrity of elections is not of any concern? There is so much at stake that to assume all is ok because no one is getting prosecuted is preposterous.

Human nature being what it is and the obvious lack of controls at voting precincts should be all you need to require simple proof that you are who you say you are.

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