Wednesday, February 04, 2015

President Obama: Obamacare working better than intended

On Tuesday, President Obama claimed that Obamacare is working "better than intended."

"So my understanding is the House of Representatives has scheduled yet another vote today to take health care away from the folks sitting around this table. I don’t know whether it’s the 55th or the 60th time that they are taking this vote. But I’ve asked this question before: Why is it that this would be at the top of their agenda, making sure that folks who don’t have health care aren’t able to get it?

"It was maybe plausible to be opposed to the Affordable Care Act before it was implemented, but now it is being implemented and it is working. And people are being covered, just as anticipated. The premiums on average are less than $100 when you take into account the tax credit, so it is affordable for the people that it was designed to help. Health care inflation is at its lowest rate in 50 years. The overall tab for the Affordable Care Act is costing less than the original projections.

"In every respect, this is working not just as intended but better than intended. And so the notion that we would play politics with the lives of folks who are out there working hard every single day, trying to make ends meet, trying to look after their families, makes absolutely no sense. And that’s a message that I want to send very directly, today," President Obama said.

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