Thursday, February 12, 2015

EVIL IS REAL: George W. Bush on recent attacks by radical Islamist

o-OBAMA-GEORGE-BUSH-facebookSpeaking at the University of Mary Hardin—Baylor on Wednesday, former President George W. Bush said that the recent attacks and actions by radical Islamist proves "evil is real."

“There is no light grey. Murdering innocent people to move a political point of view has been, is and always will be evil," Bush said.

Bush also addressed the recent Paris terrorist attacks at Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish grocery.

"The nature of these enemies are the same of those who attacked us on our soil. They strike in order to frighten us who believe in freedom," Bush said.

Bush said that the United States should not withdraw from the Middle East because there are “real dangers in an isolationists tendency.”

“And so when the pressure is off, they strike in order to frighten us who believe in freedom,” Bush said.

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