Monday, January 26, 2015

Tom Brady got his feelings hurt over Deflategate

Tom_Brady_2011New England Patriots and future Hall of Fame QB Tom Brady admitted that his feelings were hurt because of Deflategate.

"I personalized a lot of things and thought this was all about me and my feelings got hurt, and then I moved past it because it's not serving me.

"I think what's serving me is to try to prepare for the game ahead, and I'll deal with whatever happens later. I'll have my opportunity to try to figure out what happened and figure out a theory like everyone else is trying to do.

"But this isn't the time for that, and honestly I'm not interested in trying to find out right now because we have the biggest game of our season ahead.

"No one knows the facts. I pick 24 balls, that's what I pick. Whatever happened after I did it, and whatever the situation was where they measured them, I have no idea any of those facts.

"So I try to stay really humble and deal with the facts that I know. When you don't know something, that's all you can say is, 'I don't know.' I know that's not always the answer that people want to hear, but that's the reality," Brady said on Monday during his weekly appearance on the "Dennis & Callahan" program.

During the halftime of Sunday's Pro Bowl broadcast, Brady said that he hasn't yet spoken to NFL investigators about Deflategate.

"I believe they're going to do after the season, so we'll deal with it after this game.

"I think everybody's locked in, ready to go for this Super Bowl. It's a great opportunity for us, you know, and our guys have worked really hard, so hopefully we can go out there and play our best on Sunday.

"I think we're a pretty mentally tough team, and I think we've dealt with other things in the past,. I think Coach [Bill Belichick] has always said 'ignore the noise' and we have to focus on the task at hand, which is a great Seahawks team.

"I'm excited to play in another Super Bowl. You don't get many of these opportunities in your life.

"We finished our last practice [Sunday] here in Foxborough, and we head out [Monday] to Phoenix, so it will be good to get there and get into the week. I think we feel good about where we're at," Brady told ESPN's Chris Berman.

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