Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ted Cruz: I'm looking at 2016 very, very seriously

ted_cruz_laughing_APU.S. Senator Ted Cruz said that he is seriouly considering a presidential run in 2016.

“God bless South Carolina. South Carolina has historically played a critical role in helping select Republican presidential nominees.

"South Carolina’s central role has been ensuring that we nominate a strong conservative. And when Republicans nominate a strong conservative with a positive, optimistic vision, we win. It’s the pathway to victory. So I’m thrilled to be here in South Carolina.

"You asked about 2016? It’s something I’m looking at very, very seriously. I got to tell you, the encouragement, the expressions of support that we’ve been receiving have been breathtaking.

"I’ve spent the day just meeting with grassroots activists, sitting here at roundtables with Republican women, with Tea Party leaders, with small business owners, with young people—answering their questions, listening to their concerns.

"The support we’re seeing at the grassroots but also at the financial level, the support we’re seeing from donors who recognize what we’re doing isn’t working and we’ve got to change paths. Really it’s been humbling and it’s been overwhelming," Cruz said during an interview with Breibart at the Tea Party Coalition Convention this past weekend in South Carolina.

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