Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It's Official: ISIS Stronger than al Qaeda Ever Was

The horrific shooting in Ottawa and vehicle jihad in Quebec are just the latest in the long list of ISIS crimes. Unfortunately, the news is all over: American teens joining ISIS, five Britons join per week, the threat of genocide against Yezidis recognized by the UN, a major offensive in Iraq, and a Middle East becoming more unstable every day.

It's clear: the Islamic State is stronger than al Qaeda ever was. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has outdone Osama bin Laden.

Bin Laden's powers trained up to 70,000 jihadis in Afghanistan from 1993-2001 and fed from and inflamed conflicts across the Middle East, Africa, and Chechnya. ISIS has been able to surpass this, with a military replete with tanks, armored personnel carriers, jet fighters, and commanders that are veterans of al Qaeda, Saddam Hussein's military, and various volunteers from across the world. The Islamic State's army may now exceed 80,000.

The Taliban recognizes their authority. So does Boko Haram. It is vital because the Islamic State created what bin Laden never came close to: the Caliphate.

ISIS's allies control much of Libya and Nigeria. The group has also pulled off al Qaeda allies such as Jemaah Islmiah in Indonesia and the Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines.

This is beyond just America's fight. The attack in Canada is what al Qaeda desired for years: homegrown terror that is nearly undetectable. Tenseness falls over our great neighbors to the North, as ISIS is undisputed Caliph of the global jihad movement.

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