Saturday, September 27, 2014

Liberals Going Crazy Over New Ad that Skewers Obama; "Stupid *** Racist Piece of ****"

Liberals are extremely angry over a new ad called "Dating Profile," which portrays a woman talking about a relationship now in a downward spiral, despite promises to the contrary. The woman, it turns out, is talking about President Obama and his broken promises and failed policies.

Here is the ad:

The hard hitting ad has liberals in a tizzy, with extremely hateful messages posted about it all over the video and Twitter.

Somehow, of course, the ad was seen as racist, as user cos2mwiz explained:
KKK Tea Party Obama Ad

There's also this extremely weird, possible projection-filled comment about a passionless relationship:
YouTube Comment

Conspiracy theory? Check. Talking about your vagina? Check. Talking about your period? Check:
YouTube Comment2

More talking about vaginas, for some reason:
YouTube Comment3

The rage is incredible in some of the comments (expletives redacted):
YouTube Comment5

And don't forget, it's racist to say the President has a good vocabulary and speaks well!
Obama Articulate

Also, unsurprisingly, users on MSNBC are not thrilled:
MSNBC Comment

WaPo readers are upset as well:
Angry Commenter

And finally, this succinct comment that shows the average liberal's feeling towards women who do not support everything President Obama does:
Angry YouTube


  1. Wonderful to see hypocritical libs crying over ads that .....resemble their mean spirited attacks in years gone by on Reagan, W, Teas and Evangelicals. Libs of course can call people Nazis, and every evil cuss word possible but his ad gets them going just hits them at their very core: a stupid love for an inept socialist community organizer who used his race to win office when he had no resume to fill it.

  2. This ad is brilliant in that no one (not even liberals) can disagree with it . . . UNTIL they discover it is all about Obama and HIS failures! Then it becomes 'racist' and 'creepy' and objectionable. Liberals are such HYPOCRITES and liberalism truly is a mental disorder, because rational, sane people cannot also be liberals!

  3. This is what happens when "your first time" is with the wrong person and you get an STD.

  4. Litards can't handle the truth !!!

  5. Obama is a lying POS who couldn't run a hot dog stand successfully let alone the United States. Just go golfing loser and leave the leadership to someone else, like you've done for six years.

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