Sunday, September 28, 2014

Lib Candidate for TN Gov Hiring People to Infiltrate Social Media, Pose as Average User, Push Agenda

Isa Infante, the liberal Green Party candidate running for governor in Tennessee, is hiring people to create profiles on social media, such as Reddit, pretend to be an average user, then push for her "progressive" agenda.

Ms. Infante is a self-labelled "progressive" candidate for Tennessee. Part of her platform is "ecological wisdom, social justice, feminism, and nonviolence." But, of course, as a Green Party candidate, she has had trouble gaining traction in the race. Her campaign, therefore, is now posting ads looking for people to pose as average social media users to pretend to have "found" this wonderful, liberal candidate.

The ads for these positions were posted publicly on VolunteerMatch, a website devoted to matching volunteers with causes they support. Under the ad for "Reddit Expert Redditor," the campaign says they are looking for "someone to start, manage and post on a campaign Reddit to promote our progressive candidate."
Isa Infante
Infante is also looking for someone who can create a blog to push things like "feminism, environment, raise the wage, lgbt, politics, law, and/or legalizing marijuana." With these posts, a support of Infante is also expected, and all articles will be "proofed" by the campaign before they are published.

Less covert is their ad looking for someone to post pictures on Instagram. As the ad explains, "We need an active instagram account to daily promote a progressive campaign. Topics will include feminism, environment, lgbt and raise the wage."

And just to add background information about Ms. Infante, here is a campaign YouTube video of here, though apparently she couldn't afford a video camera:


  1. I have already made up my mind who I will be voting for and I would vote for a donkey before I would vote for this person that I think should be running on the Communist ticket.

  2. Her spiritual predecessor, Josef Goebbels, would be proud.

  3. This is quite possibly the most appropriately named Lefty candidate of all time.

  4. Mayor Marty B. O'Malley, Forest Hills Borough PASeptember 29, 2014 at 4:05 AM

    It is despicable that some one would launch a major political campaign "on the cheap" instead of hiring a PR firm and spending million$. If successful this could undermine our current electoral process. Oh wait, maybe that is her intent??

  5. She has at least four degrees and lives in a public housing project, according to her Green Party bio on the official GP website. So she's a typical progtard leech, sponging off the public fisc, while trying to increase her payout.