Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Facebook Declares Group "Death to Israel and the Zionists" "Doesn't Violate Community Standards"

In response to a report that the Facebook group "Death to Israel and the Zionists" is offensive, Facebook has declared that it "doesn't violate our Community Standards." Similarly, the also declared that the group "DEATH TO ZIONISTS" was also found not to violate Facebook's standards.

Here are the declarations from Facebook reporting on their decision:
Death to Israel and Zionists

Death to Zionists

Death to Zionists' page wrote on the first day of their group's creation, "Army of Mohammed has started to return." Their page's picture is this:
I Hate Israel Pic
Underneath the picture, a member of the group declares that he hates Jews.

Other groups like "Death to Israel" also still exist. This group even specifically has pictures that symbolically show Muslims murdering all Jews:
Death to Jews Pic
No worries, though, this page and the picture are still alive and well. Killing Jews isn't against community standards, right?

And, of course, the group "Death to the Jews" is still up on Facebook.

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  1. “Death to Israel and the Zionists” threatens two groups: Israel and people who support the state of Israel, known as Zionists.

    Facebook screwed up. The threat by this group is not only to the state of Israel.
    Zionists are individuals people who support the state of Israel. You are approving hate speech that calls for the murder of all Jews and Israel supporters.

    I suggest you review this page again with this new information and take it down.

    If Facebook chooses to keep this page, I want Mark Zuckerberg to personally contact me and explain how Facebook finds calling for the murder of supporters of Israel is just fine. It is the essence of hate speech to advocate killing people.

    Zionists can be identified by this group that calls for the death of each person.
    Anyone who advocates for Israel on the web can be tracked down and killed by this group. Often, 'Zionist' is a code word for 'Jew' in posts from people who hate all Jews. Zionists live in many countries.

    I am a Zionist and support Israel - this death threat is aimed at me personally.
    Each of the individuals who are also supporters of Israel, whether they are on Facebook or not, is also threatened with death at the hands of the group posting this page.