Friday, June 06, 2014

The Risks of Testosterone Therapy after ObamaCare

With the onset of ObamaCare, there are many medical questions that have yet to be answered. With the near nationalization of 17% of the US economy, the long ranging effects of this major overhaul will be in effect for years. As these different parts of the massive law start to come online, the Congress, the bureaucracy, and the consumer will all have to face the music, no matter what that brings. Since Congress felt compelled that they had to "pass it to find out what's in it," four years have elapsed and some of the clauses of the bill turned law are still not active.

Which brings us to the effects on household drugs and prescriptions. Over the last decade, there has been a sharp increase in hormone therapy drugs, especially for testosterone. Part of the increase goes beyond the results of terrible injuries or birth defects, but rather due to more recreational use. Young people, now covered through the age of 26 due to ObamaCare sometimes take drugs such as Androgel in order to build up their bodies. Some older men, looking for increased muscle function or sexual performance, also take these drugs after receiving prescriptions from their doctors. The exact role over whether some of these therapy drugs will be covered under the ObamaCare exchange is not clear, but could happen over the next couple of years.

When these different parts of the law expand, these drugs could become more popular, as could the risks. Recent studies have shown an increase of heart issues for men with preexisting heart problems. There are also unseen risks, as well, such as the effects of testosterone therapy on pregnant women and children. If these problems have faced either you or a loved one, you should likely get some legal advice from an experienced attorney such as one from the Ehline Law Firm PC. Contacting an established injury attorney testosterone therapy is a vital step in the road to recovery.

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