Thursday, May 08, 2014

Remember When Bill Clinton Was Opposed Because He Was Black? Liberals Do!

In the Atlantic, resident racial theorist Ta-Nehisi Coates explores the idea that opposition to President Bill Clinton in the 1990s was due to racial animus, just like today! Famously known as the "first black president," Coates explains that racism caused people to turn against many of his policies, eventually leading to his impeachment.

She claims that it was opposition to Clinton's supposed policies to help blacks that many Americans opposed him-- and that racism animated most American politics:

White supremacy birthed American politics. In the 1990s, as today, the Democratic Party was perceived by many as the party of black interests.

Of course! Just as the anti-black Democrats did for 100 years! Oh, wait....

But it's okay, because sexism will become the next racism in just three short years!

And if Hillary Clinton becomes president, she will have to cope with being perceived as a woman representing the interests of black people and women of all ethnicities. Sexism will never be off the stage. Nor will racism.

Whew! Almost thought we were in a post-racial society.


  1. […] Mr. Clinton not only stated that poverty was the cause, but that specifically, Islam and religion could not be blamed in any way. Possibly it is related to President Clinton being “discriminated” against for being black. […]