Monday, May 05, 2014

Display of American Flag Deemed "Racist" at California School

Today, several dozen adults protested in front of Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, California. The protest was mostly silent and instead of signs, most of the protesters simply held American flags. This display was deemed "racist" by numerous onlookers and commentators.

Georgine Scott-Codiga, president of the Gilroy Morgan Hill Patriots group stated, "We're just here to support the First Amendment's right to free speech. Cinco de Mayo is a circumstance of the issue. The issue is free speech."

Tonight, some Latinos living in Morgan Hill plan a counter-protest. They allege that the display of American flags "implies Mexican Americans and other Latinos cannot be patriotic and proud of their heritage at the same time."

The school itself has banned the display of American flag shirts, siding with the counter-protesters. Other commentators, taking to online forums, were much less kind and much more confrontational in their opinions.

This twitter user, apparently a fan of the Golden State Warriors (DubNation), was not kind at all in his assessment of the display of the American flag:
DubNation Morgan Hill Racist

These twitter users were even less charitable, and even more infuriated by the display of the national flag at Morgan Hill (WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE):

We are living in the United States, yet in a time in which the display of the United States flag is racist. Think about that for a moment.

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