Friday, May 09, 2014

College Offers Discounted Prices at Sale If Students Identify as "Women, Disabled, Queer, or Black"

In order to bring light to "the gender pay gap," the University of Western Australia Student Guild had a bake sale early this week that offered discounted prices to people it believes are being oppressed by white males and "the system."

The UWA Guild posted prices at a cut rate for people who either "identified" as women or as a number of other things, such as "queer," "disabled," "a person of coulour," or "imdigenous [sic]."

The prices were then followed by the Twitter hashtag, "iamworthmore," which begs the question: if you are worth more, then why are you intentionally lowering prices for people like you?

Here is a picture of one sign advertising the sale:
Bake Sale 2

Here is another, taken by the Instagram user thebosskar:
Bake Sale 1

Thebosskar explains, "UWA's Women's Department held a bake sale. The prices are set to reflect the gender pay gap (as well as the pay gaps for other groups such as Queer, disability etc). I only had to pay $1.10 for my brownies. Boo to the pay gap boo!"

As for the UWA, it describes itself like this on their official college page:
The Guild is all about promoting and sustaining student life on campus! We’re behind the cultural events, clubs, societies, social activities and publications! We’re here to help with support services both academic and financial and most importantly, we’re here to represent you!

There is no word on how many baked goods were sold by the UWA at the sale.

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