Monday, April 28, 2014

State Department Cites Daily Kos, Think Progress While Defending Kerry Apartheid Statement

In one of the clearest statements by the White House that they are completely engulfed in their own worldview, the State Department on Sunday cited both Daily Kos and Think Progress while defending Secretary of State John Kerry's offensive apartheid statement.

This previous Friday, Mr. Kerry stated that Israel risked becoming an "apartheid state" if they did not give in to Palestinian demands during peach talks between the two groups. The State Department quickly went on defense to protect the asinine statements.

Jen Psaki, spokeswoman for the State Department, tweeted out two articles in which other people had warned that Israel could potentially become an apartheid state if peace talks failed.

There are two obvious problems with this awful strategy, aside from using Twitter to make official statements. First is that, for whatever reason, Psaki actually believes that somehow other people voicing the same opinion as Kerry makes it correct. In other words, if some people agree with something, it must be right, never mind the facts! A few hundred years ago, this logic was used when decided whether the world was flat.

The second problem with her horrendous defense is who she cited: Daily Kos (which she spelled Dailykos) and Think Progress, two extremely liberal publications that have, on many occasions, published inaccurate or deceiving articles, or completely fabricated stories or quotes.
Psaki Kos and Think Progress
Psaki referenced them to show that Kerry's opinions are not limited to just the White House, but they are opinions that are also shared by other people. Again, Psaki is using the "if people agree with me, it's the truth" argument. And in doing so she uses two disgraced publication to try to prove her point (poorly).

This discourse, however, is illustrative of the Obama Administration's inability to look or even listen to opinions that are not completely lock-step in their own. At this point, President Obama should start referencing Michelle as a source.

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