Wednesday, April 16, 2014

CNN: "Breaking News: Titanic Sunk"

In what comes as a reminder as to why CNN is one of the worst news organization, they broke what might be the oldest major news stories to ever be "broken:" the RMS Titanic has sunk.

The amazing story, which CNN apparently missed for 102 years, details a tragic tale of the RMS Titanic, which was supposedly an "unsinkable ship." Ironically, the Titanic sunk on its maiden voyage. Last night, CNN got the news.

In a news segment last night, CNN blared the headline, "Breaking News: Titanic Sunk 102 Years Ago Tonight:"
Titanic Sunk CNN
In case you are counting, they are approximately 37,000 days late breaking this news.

You can watch the video below, which is the segment where the screenshot was taken from:

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