Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Clinton: Obama Administration Has Willingly Negotiated with Equivalent of Nazi Germany

Yesterday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton compared the actions of Russia in Ukraine, particularly Russia’s decision to issue passports in the Crimean region, to the actions of Nazi Germany.

Yet as those words escaped her mouth, I doubt that the irony of her own actions were on her mind.

Just five years ago, Hillary Clinton stood in Geneva with a poorly-translated big red button. The button, which was supposed to read "reset," actually came out to read "overcharge" and is emblematic of the Obama Administration's dense, failing, and feckless foreign policy.

Remember, if you will, why did Clinton bring the "reset" button to Russia? Part of it was because the Obama Administration wanted to mock President Bush. Another main reason, however, was that relations between the United States and Russia had become frayed (that is, more than normal) after Russia had invaded Georgia in 2008.
Clinton Button
President Bush at the time made it clear that the move was unacceptable and that the world community should not, under any circumstances, allow it. At the time, candidate Obama's first statement was that Russia AND Georgia should "show restraint:"
"I think it is important at this point for all sides to show restraint and to stop this armed conflict."

Seven months later, Clinton and Sergey Lavrov pushed that button.

Russia's aggression was stark in 2008, as was in 2009, as it was yesterday. And yesterday, Clinton compared Russia's actions to those of Nazi Germany.

If that is the case, then Clinton herself is clearly analogous to Neville Chamberlain. After clear-cut, unwarranted aggression on their neighbors, Chamberlain happily negotiated with Hitler's Germany to avoid further conflict. After Russia invaded Georgia, Clinton gave them a big red button.

I wonder if she was made the connection.

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