Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Australia: Possible Debris from Malaysian Plane Flight MH370 Found in Indian Ocean

From Reuters:
Search aircraft are investigating two objects floating in the southern Indian Ocean off Australia that could be debris from a Malaysian jetliner missing for 12 days with 239 people on board, officials said on Thursday.

Australian officials said the objects were spotted by satellite in one of the remotest parts of the globe, around 2,500 km (1,500 miles) southwest of Perth in the vast oceans between Australia, southern Africa and Antarctica.

The larger of the objects measured up to 24 meters (78 ft), and appeared to be awash over water several thousand meters deep, they said.

"It's credible enough to divert the research to this area on the basis it provides a promising lead to what might be wreckage from the debris field," Royal Australian Air Force Air Commodore John McGarry told a news conference in Canberra.

Young, general manager of the emergency response division of AMSA, walsk past diagram showing the search area for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 during a briefing in Canberra

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