Thursday, February 13, 2014

Will Denmark's Butchers Ever Be Satiated in Giraffe Blood?

Poor, poor Marius, the giraffe that was killed by a Danish zoo to 'prevent inbreeding' due to European zoo regulations. Now it appears that the Viking descendants will be sacrificing another 'long horse' to the altar of socialism. The cabalistic killing comes under the same pretense, to prevent giraffe blue-bloodedness, as though the peaceful creatures were creating a fearful dynasty of Hapsburgh proportions.

“Many places abroad where they do not do this, the animals live under poor conditions, and they are not allowed to breed either. We don't think that's OK,” she said.

The Jyllands Park Zoo has not said whether it will have a public dissection of its Marius similar to the one held at the Copenhagen Zoo.

Danish cultists calling themselves zoo "experts" butchered Marius publicly in front of children, exhorting them to follow in their footsteps to destroy the free market.

Marius the giraffe could not be reached for comment.

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