Monday, February 10, 2014

Suicide Bomb Instructor Blows Up Jihadist Students During Demonstration

Twenty-two jihadists were killed and fifteen were injured after their teacher, who was teaching them how to detonate a suicide bomb, detonated a suicide bomb strapped to his chest.

The jihadists were members of "the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria," a Sunni terrorist group that looks to have Islam control both of those nations. They have bombed multiple locations throughout Iraq.

On Monday, the only people they were killing were themselves. The instructor, who was not named, was explaining to a class of new recruits how to carry out a suicide bombing.

Somehow unwittingly packed with explosives, the teacher demonstrated what should happen during a real suicide bombing. Surprisingly for him and his students, it really was a suicide bombing.
Iraqi Flag
Among the dead and injured, eight other "students," who tried to escape after the explosion, were arrested.

Explosives and other weapons were found on scene after the authorities investigated the explosion.

In a statement, an Iraqi Army official was pleased to report that the instructor, who was apparently a prolific recruiter, was “able to kill the bad guys for once.”

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