Thursday, January 02, 2014

Sebelius: 2013 Was a Banner Year for HHS, ObamaCare, Government

Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius announced in a new video that 2013 was a superb year for HHS, the Affordable Care Act, and big government's involvement in the heath care industry.

In the video, entitled "The 2013 HHS Year in Review," Sebelius explained how great things are going. As melodic acoustic guitars played in the background, she stated:
"Our efforts to implement the Affordable Care Act are protecting millions of Americans with new rights and benefits... And by opening up the health insurance marketplace, we've put affordable coverage within reach of millions more Americans. There's new choice and new competition."

You might be wondering if Sebelius mentioned the website catastrophes, millions of people losing their plans, or President Obama's (and her) numerous lies. She did... by white-washing them in less than a complete sentence:
"Now, after some early difficulties, is working smoothly. Americans are now shopping for plans, enrolling for coverage online, on paper, over the phone, in person, and directly through insurers, agents, and brokers."

The video then showed all the things the government has been doing to help individuals who, the video portrays, can hardly find their way without government intervention. Finally, the video ends with your average plug of the HHS website.

You can watch the video in is entirety below:

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