Friday, November 01, 2013

New HHS Health Care Video Site Crashes When Volume is Adjusted

Health and Human Services has set up a new website under the url  On that site, they host dozens of videos of teens and young adults parroting the lies they have been told by the Obama Administration about the Affordable Care Act.

The videos are, for the most part, surreally terrible.  That is, if you are able to watch them.  A quick visit to that site brought numerous crashes for me.  Why?  Because when I went to adjust the volume on some of the obnoxiously loud videos, the site crashed.

Just to check out the site, I went to the front page.  Here is a quick screen grab of part of its layout:

Snake DisasterClose

The site contains a number of videos side by side, all with "play" buttons on them.  When you press play, the videos amazingly play, though often at a very loud volume.  Try to adjust the volume, and you quickly see this:

Website Crash Close
The video itself crashes. Then, the website quickly redirects and brings you to another page in which there is only one video (the one you were watching), and a gigantic link to  The first time I tried to play the video, I got this:

New Page2

A blank screen of nothingness.  The good news is, after refreshing the page multiple times, I got it to start playing:

New Page
But honestly, who would really want to stick around to watch these propaganda videos? This site, once again, proves that the government cannot build a reliable website to save its life.

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