Monday, November 18, 2013

"DontFundObamaCare.Com" Has 78 Times More Signatures than People Who Enrolled in Nat'l ObamaCare

A mere 26,794 people signed up for health insurance via in October. In comparison,, a site devoted to defunding the President's health care law, has received 2,101,059 signatures at the time this article was written.

That is more than 78 times as many people. Even if both the national and state exchanges enrollees were combined, 20 times the people who enrolled in the exchanges pushed for ObamaCare's defunding.

DontFundObamaCare.Com and gained considerable popularity as the government approached shutdown. Democrats, unwilling to negotiate a delay in mandates associated with the Affordable Care Act, pushed the nation into the shutdown.

Dont Fund It

Ironically, however, some Democrats are pushing for the very things they refused to do just one month ago as their poll numbers drop substantially. They were willing to damage the American economy and health care system with the Affordable Care Act, but are not willing to damage their poll numbers.

The President, meanwhile, has also flip-flopped. He absolutely refused to negotiate with Republicans as the shutdown approached and as it began. Delaying the law was 'absurd,' according to Mr. Obama.

Yet, with his poll numbers plummeting, President Obama has all of a sudden realized how wise it is to allow people to keep their previous insurance. But his (possibly illegal) Presidential decree may come a little to late for millions of Americans, 5 million of whom have already lost their health care because of the President.

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