Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fewer Than 750 People Per State Signed Up for ObamaCare Via HealthCare.Org All of Last Month

In the entire month of October, a mere 744 people per state signed up for the Affordable Care Act via, according to newly released reports. That is a meager 26,794 people nationwide; on average, only 24 people signed up per state per day.

In order to obfuscate the terrible numbers, the Obama Administration is relying on a much broader term, which includes people who have actually enrolled, as well as people who have filed out paperwork (applications) that may, eventually, lead to enrollment. That number stood at 846,184, which is still well shy of the Administration's goal for enrollees, which was approximately 1.2 million.

The total number of enrollees, if individual states' health care websites are included, is 106,185. Yet even with that bigger number, that is less than 10% of the President's goal.

The Administration predicted that, by March 1, 2014, 7,000,000 would enroll in the Affordable Care Act. At this pace, however, it would take until mid-2019 to reach that number.

That 7,000,000 number also does not include those who have lost their insurance because of the Affordable Care Act. In fact, if it did, the total number of "enrollees" would be well into the negative. Insurance companies are dropping the insurance of their former customers at a much, much higher pace than people are signing up.

California, by itself, has had over 1,000,000 people lose their insurance because of the Affordable Care Act. That number is nearly 10 times greater than new enrollees:

Lose Insurance Affordable Care Act ObamaCare

More, even people who have been able to retain their insurance have seen rate hikes that are often more than a 200% increase.

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