Friday, November 01, 2013

At Current Pace, Admin's Estimate of 7 Mil. Enrollees in ObamaCare Would Take Until 5209

Doctor ObamaThe President has made many faulty promises over the last few years.  Often times, they were proved to be outright lies, such as, "If you like your healthcare, you can keep it under my plan."  Well, Mr. Obama has done it again.  Concerning his signature legislation, the Affordable Care Act, President Obama projected that, by March 1, 2014, about 7,000,000 people would enroll through

To reach the Administration's low-end estimate of seven million enrollees by March, 39,000 people have to join ObamaCare per day.  The number that actually enrolled?  Six.

That's right, a mere six (6) people were newly enrolled via the website the first day of its launched.  Put another way, .0015% of 39,000 joined the first day that the new website launched.

At that pace, to reach President Obama's marker of 7,000,000, it would take 1,166,667 days for that to happen, or 3,196 and one-third years.  If you can't do the math quickly in your head, we'd be in the year 5209 by that time.

But hey, with the security problems, information problems, and pricing problems that the website is also having, I'm sure the Administration will figure everything out nice and quick.

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