Thursday, October 10, 2013

He shall have dominion from sea to sea;  they
that dwell in the wilderness shall bow before
him; all nations shall serve him; his name shall
endure forever, his name shall be continued as
long as the sun; all nations shall call him blessed.
Blessed be the Lord God.     .....David,   1000 B.C.

Jesus shall reign where e'er the sun,
doth its sucessive journeys run;
his kingdom spread from shore to shore -
till moons shall wax and wane no more.
                                      ..... Isaac Watts,   1719

This wondrous chain of promises, stretching
across thousands of years, holds out a hope which
has no root but in the Bible....

National happiness, or in the Bible word, blessedness,
depends upon six things: justice, freedom, virtue,
knowlege, distribution of wealth, and peace.

Justice is the first office and object of government,
and the first condition of national welfare.

Freedom is implied in justice, and is the only real
guardian of right and nurse of true virtue.

Virtue is no less essential to real national happiness
and greatness.  Fraud, intemperance, impurity,
covetous greed, wild love of pleasure, sloth and
cowardice, suck the vitals and sap the root of
national life.

Knowlege is the parent of all progress.  Not mere
labor, but wisely directed labor, is the source of
of wealth.  The mind that invents and forsees must
guide the hand which toils.

Right distribution of wealth is the most urgent
national problem of our own day in our own and
all civilized nations.  No nation is blessed in which
immense wealth stagnates in a few hands, and the
toiling millions are wretched and joyless.

Peace is the fence and crown of all the other
elements of national welfare.  War is a short name
for all calamities, cruellest of misfortunes, even if
necessary and just;  if unjust and avoidable -- the
greatest of all crimes.     

It is not open to question that even if the bulk of a
nation, its rulers, legislators, and individual citizens
became real Christians, loving God truly and their
neighbor unselfishly, hating vice, dealing justly,
loving mercy, and walking humbly with God, --
that nation would soon be the envy of all nations.
Let every nation undergo such a transformation, and
war would be impossible, slavery and tyranny would
be things of the past.

Human nature has not in itself the tendency to produce
such a state of things.  Christ alone gives life.
                                      ....... Joseph Excell,   1900


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