Friday, September 06, 2013

The Utter Height of
           Heathen Hypocrisy

So now we are being told by the lying liars in
Gehenna, DC, that the reason for starting another
war is that children are being "gassed."

Actually, the number, if you can believe anything
coming out of any mouth in Gehanna, DC, the
number used to sell the war and get our attention
is "400." 

Four hundred.  Four hundred.  Four hundred.

No matter how many times you say it, it still sounds
like: Four hundred.

Assaassaad supposedly "gassed"  "Four Hundred"

And he most likely did not.

All we have is a semantic hypocrisy.  Had he used
forceps, scissors and a suction tube, no one here
would be saying anything.

Were it those heathen at Planned Murderhood, they
would call that a really slow day.

Four Thousand.  Four Thousand.  Four Thousand.

Every day.Every day.Every day.  Every day in America
we are murdering four thousand babies.

Say that often enough and it turns into 1.5 Million.

1.5 Million.  1.5 Million  1.5 Million  1.5 Million

That is how many babies we are killing per year.

Were there any justice in the world, Syria would be
going to war with us.

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