Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Hammer: Obama's Syria Response is 'Amateur Hour'

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  1. A nutjob convinced Obama that he’s the millennium Franklin Delano Roosevelt and since GOP are unhinged he might have a shot to go 3rd term as FDR for keeping the warring industry complex running. It’s purely business. It’s getting too boring and stooopid to keep lying to cover up the REAL Agenda beneath. I ain’t worried about Congress vote & Debate of Syrian strike. Congress on holiday anyway until 0909. Congress will do what Pentagon and the Warring Industry Complex need badly. This war to survive. Kucinich is bluffing when he said Obama risks impeachment if he proceeds on Syria without congressional approval. That’s horsemanure and Falsepride for not giving him some attention. America stuck with a President who has nothing to lose. Putin was right when he said that Obama’s is lose kid.