Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Spitzer's Libertarian opponent for Comptroller, fmr. Madame Kristin Davis busted by Eric Holder's FBI for selling prescription drugs

The Clintons cleaning up lose ends as she prepares her 2016 presidential bid?

From Eric Dondero:

This just breaking minutes ago... Kristin Davis, a friend of this website, 2010 Independent-Libertarian candidate for New York Governor and 2013 candidate for New York City Comptroller against Democrat Eliot Spitzer, has been arrested in a string operation by the FBI. 

Ms. Davis was alleged to have sold a substantial quantity of prescription drugs to an undercover agent.

However, it is also known that Davis had a number of interviews scheduled with New York-area media regarding her campaign. 

Sources indicate that she may have been willing to divulge information in those upcoming interviews on Spitzer and other top elected Democrat officials who may have been clients of her escorting service in 2008/09. 

Note - Spitzer had to resign his governorship after admitting to soliciting prostitutes from Davis's firm, including well-known call girl Ashley Duprey. 

Note also - In a 2009 interview with NYC radio morning shock jocks Opie and Anthony, Kristin Davis hinted strongly as to the identity of the other Governor client from a "northeast state." The individual now happens to be a top advisor for Hillary Clinton's expected presidential campaign. 

See LR story, "'Governor X' Sex Scandal Update: It may be Governor Ed Rendell" July 25 2009.

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  1. Spill, baby, Spill. They are going after you, so turn the tables on them. Let it alllllll out!! Those progressive donkeys deserve what you dish out on them!!!