Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Ross Township PA Shooter Information 8/6/2013

Some information is coming out about the Ross Township Pennsylvania shooter, Rockne Newell.

From his Facebook.

More here.

From a failed charity bid, perhaps why he instigated the shooting.

More here.

From an article he linked:

Newell, who's on a property/school tax payment plan with the mortgage paid up, said he lives on Social Security disability payments from a crash injury. He said the township has been harassing him with claims that he has never obtained the proper permits and that he has sewage and "junk" clustered about the property.
Township officials referred all Pocono Record inquiries to their attorney, John Dunn, for this article, but a 2002 article quotes then-township supervisor Butch Kresge as saying Newell shouldn't be allowed to have "junk" on his property since no one else does.
"That's funny because, when I moved here, this property was one of only three on the entire road that didn't have what they call 'junk,'" Newell said, though his property now has the largest amount of visibly cluttered items on Flyte Road.
"I'm a collector from a family of collectors," he said. "I use most of what I collect, like part of a playground slide to pour concrete for cinder blocks and wood to fence my yard from people driving by and throwing beer bottles. This saves me hundreds of dollars. I scrap and sell what I can't use."

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