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The Nation (or much of it) recently watched the Florida trial of George Zimmerman to its conclusion. Zimmerman, a volunteer neighborhood watch member, was physically attacked by a 17 year-old, athletic and experienced "ground and pound" street fighter (or an angelic 12 year-old lover of Skittles merely walking home, if you accept the non-evidentiary version). The Skittles lover cold-cocked the non-athletic Zimmerman, knocked him to the ground, jumped on top of him and began pounding Zimmerman's face and head until he was within legitimate fear for his life. Zimmerman managed to gain access to his pistol and squeezed off a single round, killing his attacker. A more clear-cut self defense scenario would be hard to imagine, as the local police and prosecutors properly concluded in declining to prosecute. This left the innocent Zimmerman right where he belonged, at Point A.

But welcome to America in 2013, where the Party of the Left has taught us for decades that there are no such things as "facts" but only "points of view." At times we believe that we have another party, sometimes called "Republicans," to theoretically keep our Country on the right track. How is that working out?

Soon the usual voices of reason (e.g., The "Reverend" Al Sharpton and the New Black Panther Party's Malik Zulu Shabbaz) decended on Florida demanding "justice" for the attacker. This was the perfect opportunity for the "Justice" Department, that magnificent voice of reason Eric Holder, large quantities of taxpayer money, and protests, some of them violent. "Justice," of course, required the local Police Chief to be fired.

Enter the Republicans. Al Sharpton, Malik Zulu Shabbaz, and the like were loudly demanding a special prosecutor for Zimmerman, in effect also firing the local prosecutors. Florida Governor Rick Scott, a Republican, saw no alternative than to acceed to the demands of such fine people, so he appointed Angela Corey as special prosecutor. Why would a Republican governor do such a thing? How many Democrat governors would appoint a special prosecutor because a Tea Party, Pro-Life,
or NRA group was loudly demanding it?

Nor did Angela Corey just drop out of the sky. She had developed quite a negative reputation before "our" governor, no doubt after an exhaustive search, appointed her to pursue Zimmerman. According to National Review, Talbot D’Alemberte, a former president of both the American Bar Association and Florida State University, strongly criticized the appointment: “I cannot imagine a worse choice for a prosecutor to serve in the Sanford case. There is nothing in Angela Corey’s background that suits her for the task, and she cannot command the respect of people who care about justice.”

And she did not disappoint, inter alia presiding over raising Zimmerman's bond to an impossible $1,000,000; indicting Zimmerman's wife for perjury; withholding evidence to which the defense was entitled; attempting to destroy such evidence; and summarily firing the member of her staff who felt an ethical obligation to report such misconduct to the court.

Then there was the "impartial" trial judge, lifelong Democrat Debra Nelson, who could barely conceal her desire for a Zimmerman conviction. She who, inter alia, denied the defense any relief when the wrondoing of Angela Corey was reported to her. She ruled the defense's request for sanctions might be taken up after the trial, thus denying them any use during the trial of important material from Trayvon Martin's cell phone. She then dimwittedly suggested that the defense might not be able to use the material anyway because they couldn't prove the material was put there by Martin, despite him having gone to the extra trouble of putting a double layer of password protection on his very secrified phone.

Who appointed this woman to be a circuit court judge? Florida Governor Jeb Bush, a Republican, who held the office from 1999 through 2007. Why would a Republican make such an appointment? How many Democrat governors would appoint a known lifetime Republican to be a circuit court judge? Jeb is also credited with "reforming" the Florida education system; the Zimmerman trial showcased one of Jeb's most spectacular education "reform" successes in Rachel Jeantel, the trial witness who cannot read or write cursive.

Next the truly awful Eric Holder gets to personally take over the endless pursuit of George Zimmerman. Andrew McCarthy, himself a twenty-year veteran of the "Justice" Department, recently called it "quite amazing that Holder is in a position to do so. His prior tenure as Clinton deputy attorney general — a record of corrupting the pardon process, politicizing the Justice Department (even to the point of arranging commutations for convicted FALN terrorists), and misleading Congress — made it embarrassingly obvious that he was not fit to be attorney general." Yet, many Republican Senators ignored the warnings of McCarthy and others and voted to confirm him. How many? Lets see: 

George W. Bush, during his  presidency, nominated three Attorney General candidates; the Senate confirmation votes went as follows:

    John Ashcroft:           8 Democrats, or 16%, voted Yes 
    Alberto Gonzales:     6 Democrats, or 14%, voted Yes
    Michael Mukasey:    7 Democrats, or 14%, voted Yes
So far during the Obama presidency, the one AG confirmation vote went as follows:
    Eric Holder:             19 Republicans, or 46%, voted  Yes

In other words, in percentage terms three times as many Republicans feel compelled to vote for the other party's candidate as Democrats do to return the favor.    Why, exactly, do we need such "Republicans?"

Thus, thanks to two Republican Governors and 20 Republican Senators (19 Yeas and 1 not voting), the innocent and now officially acquitted George Zimmerman has been moved to Point B, wherein Eric Holder, using the unlimited power and taxpayer funding of the federal government, can spend years trying to indict him for crimes, sue civilly, bankrupt, and destroy the very life of George Zimmerman. 

On July 19, 2013, Obama proclaimed to the nation: "Once the jury's spoken, that's how our system works." He did not mention whether he also directed that proclamation to his underling, Eric Holder. God help us all.

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