Saturday, June 08, 2013

U.S. Army Japan Commander Fired for Improperly Investing Sexual Harassment.

Following the suspension of Fort Jackson's commander for engaging in an affair last month, the U.S. Army is dealing with further bad publicity involving sexual misconduct - this time the commander of forces stationed in Japan - who was relieved of duty because he " report or properly investigate an allegation of sexual harassment.

Major General Michael Harrison joins the unsettling and growing number of senior officers and commanders being either investigated, relieved of their command or both due to sexual harassment, and with pressure on Congress to stop this unsavory culture - failure to prevent or punish such crimes will likely result in more men losing their command.

Another Major General, James Boozer, who was deputy commander of Army forces in Europe has been appointed "interim commander" until the Army completes its investigation of Harrison.

If only our military officers would learn to follow the Army values they swore to uphold when enlisting...

What say you?

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