Thursday, June 20, 2013

Silver Blocks MMA & Legal Reform

After weeks of writing articles on why New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver should be removed for violating ethics and covering up sexual harassment cases committed by Democrat Assemblymen, the NY Post published the perfect story highlighting what is wrong with him as leader politically.

Two important issues were brought before the Assembly recently - legal reform and Mixed Martial Arts legalization - one would have reformed the Scaffold Law travesty which places businesses and contractors responsible for accidents that aren't their fault, and the other would have brought tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue.

And not just the revenue, but it would have brought New York into date with the rest of the nation in allowing Mixed Martial Arts matches to occur in this state, when they are currently banned due to its violence, but apparently boxing and hockey do not fall into the violent checklist, or something...

Silver's response to both issues? Refuse to bring them to the Assembly floor for valid debate and by any measure, block badly needed sports and legal reform in New York State from even reaching a vote due solely to his political whims, even after the Senate approved legalizing MMA earlier in the session.

He runs the Assembly as if it is his court and sits upon it as king, corrupt as the worst monarchs and as stubborn as the vainest tyrants. It is time for Sheldon Silver to go, we need a leader in the people's house; not a monarch.

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