Friday, June 07, 2013

Schoharie GOP Nominates Desmond for Sheriff

Schoharie, New York

In a packed meeting at the annual Schoharie County Republican Committee Caucus, held this year in the county building's newly remodeled basement, committee members selected the 2013 GOP candidate in a bizarre three-way poll.

Members, who voted by secret ballot, had to choose between three candidates: Tony Desmond, current Sheriff and former Republican who sought the Democratic nomination in 2009, Duane Tillipaugh, deputy sheriff who was selected by former Sheriff John Bates as the strongest GOP candidate and Conservative Party candidate Todd Ethington, also a deputy sheriff.

There definitely was no lack of qualified individuals at last night's meeting.

The main controversy revolved around Sheriff Tony Desmond, as during the sheriff's election just 4 years ago he switched party affiliation from longtime Republican to independent in order to seek the Democratic nomination, which he was able to do and win the election over the then undersheriff by only fifty votes. It's not a stretch to say some feelings were still hurt.

However, when committee members got down to voting, the results (note: the committee uses weighted vote totals) were flabbergasting and absolutely unexpected.

Sheriff Desmond received 3,985 votes, Duane Tillipaugh got only 1,238 and Todd Ethington just 393.

And with Sheriff Desmond expected to also receive the Democrat nomination, it is safe to say he is the favorite to win over third-party challenger Todd Ethington in this year's sheriff's election. My, oh my.... Amazing how one night can fundamentally challenge your view of local politics with just one ballot.

What say you?

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