Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Report: Silver Had Affair With Chief of Staff

HT: NY Daily News

After weeks of damning information concerning the Assemblyman Vito Lopez sex scandal and mounting calls for his resignation as Speaker of the New York Assembly, Sheldon Silver's largest obstacle to remaining on top might have surfaced today with the publication of an email suggesting Silver and his Chief of Staff had an affair.

The pivotal line in this email, which was sent from the attorney of two former staffers of Lopez to Assembly lawyers, states "Indeed, Mr. Lopez often repeatedly explained to [redacted] that he wanted their relationship to be the same as Mr. Silver's to his Chief of Staff, and was explicit in what that meant."

Oh my...

Even better is the fact the state ethics committee curiously omitted this damning email from their investigation into Lopez's alleged sexual harassment, bringing into question their honestly and commitment towards ethical handling of sensitive legislative matters.

So in the course of the past eighteen months, four Democrat Assemblyman have been indicted or resigned for corruption, political and sexual, Speaker Silver has authorized taxpayer funded bribes to silence women who have come forward to report harassment and has himself, although unverified, engaged in an affair with his Chief of Staff.

What more will it take for members of the Democratic caucus to end this disgraceful reign of corruption and perversion under the leadership of Sheldon Silver?

What say you?

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