Friday, June 07, 2013

Rebel Forces Face Defeat in Face of Losing Qusair

Over the past two years we have witnessed the dramatic and fluid evolution of Syria's ruinous and bloody civil war: Assad's brutal crackdown on protesters, end of emergency rule, armed rebellion take root, U.N. resolutions demanding an end to violence, civilian massacres, the months long battle of Damascus and over the last few weeks, the battle of Qusair.

And throughout this entire conflict, neither the United States nor Western governments have lifted one little finger to aid the rebel opposition - not when Assad's regime was massacring civilians, or when rebels were taking the fight to Damascus - and now there might not be much of a chance left to do so.

With the Assad victory (aided by Hezbollah) in Qusair, a pivotal supply route for both sides, rebel forces have lost easy access to Lebanon where arms and supplies were obtained and the al-Assad regime has regained control of the West-Central corridor of Syria, leaving the rebels pinned in the North with almost zero access to the coastal provinces.

Consider this for a moment: Assad now controls the major highways from Damascus to the Mediterranean Sea, he can block all supplies from Lebanon that have been vital to rebel forces and with hundreds of miles of previously held rebel territory back in his hands, he can pivot his attention towards Aleppo and retaking the North. 

The rebel opposition's very existence is endangered with al-Assad's seemingly never ending momentum, in addition to thousands of hardened terrorists from neighboring Lebanon now in the fight, leaving government forces with a straight shot towards the northern rebel stronghold.

If international forces do not act quickly to aid the opposition in some form... There won't be one to defend soon.

What say you?


  1. I see no point in aiding an al Queda takeover of Syria. The Islamic groups opposed to Assad are radical Sunni muslims that will not have a sectarian government. Christians and other minorities will be massacred. Assad is the best alternative available.

    1. What is al Queda? Are they related to al Qaeda?